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Innovative concept, refrigerated dryer which generates a pressure dew point of -22 °C

Subfreeze dryers are opitmised to achieve a Class 3 air quality. Many applications require adsorption dryers to reach an air quality pressure dew point of ISO Class 1 or 2, which corresponds to -70 ° C or -40 ° C. However, a large part of the market suffices for Class 3 or -20 ° C pressure dew point. For applications that just need Class 3, Ingersoll Rand has worked out the dryer family with the new subfreeze dryers. These combine the ease of maintenance specific to refrigeration dryers with a dew point better than -20 ° C which can normally only be achieved by means of adsorption dryers.


  • Class 3 pressure dew point regardless of where your dryer is operating between 0 and 100% capacity.

  • Ideal for compressed air networks where the compressed air piping is exposed to negative temperatures. Examples are outside or cold rooms.

  • High quality air which prevents damage due to problems related to condensation. Examples are corrosion, product degradation, malfunctioning pneumatic valves, etc ..


  • No energy loss on heating elements or blowers needed for regeneration.

  • No loss of regeneration air which sometimes mounts up to 25% of the dryer capacity.


  • 100% of the compressor capacity is available for production because regeneration air is not required.

  • Cooling dryer principle which prevents you from regularly having to replace the adsorbent.

  • The best and only solution to have a dew point better than -20 ° C after oil-lubricated compressors.

  • Due to the freezing principle oil is removed from the air.

  • Side panels are removable to have good access during maintenance.

  • Advanced control whose parameters can be read remotely via a standard web browser.


  • For a dryer with a negative dew point, it is cheaper in maintenance and energy consumption.


  • Installation ground surface area is 40% smaller than a comparable adsorption dryer.

  • Very easy installation.


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