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InMAC goes beyond routine maintenance, we are available for thorough audits on your installations to identify optimisation opportunities. Our dedicated team meticulously examines every detail, ensuring your equipment not only runs smoothly, but operates at it peak efficiency.


Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring is an all-round auditing technique that allows us to predict machine health and safety through a combination of multiple types of analysis tailored to your:

  • Spectral analysis;

  • Pressure;

  • Temperature;

  • Flow rate;

  • Oil analysis;

  • Air Flow analysis;

  • Condensate water analysis;

  • Motor Analysis;

  • Electric supply analysis;

  • ...

All these technologies do not necessarily have to be used simultaneously. For every given situation we can offer you a personalized proposal to ensure you can focus on production. When performing condition monitoring, we also search for correlations between the different results to detect needless frequent maintenance.


Energy analysis

Air compressors are big consumers of energy. In fact, over the lifetime of a compressor, energy consumption typically represents 80% of its total cost of ownership. That's why InMAC proposes certain measures to cut down on energy consumption and/or repurpose the heat created by the compressors.

Energy savings

The energy saving solutions by InMAC can help you realise your goals for energy savings and stay competitive by lowering production costs.

A professional audit of your compressed air system will help you find problems associated with the use of a modern compressed air system. This can range from a root cause analysis to a full audit with recommendations for corrective actions. 


There are multiple possible causes for higher energy costs than expected:

  • Artificial consumption;​

  • Compressed air leaks or couplings;

  • Incorrect dimensioned pipes or compressed air dryers;

  • Malfunctioning compressed air dryers or filters

  • Cleaning with compressed air;

  • Machines operating with low or no load;

  • Machines which are no longer in use;

  • Bottlenecks;

  • ...

Energy recovery

The way to recover some energy is by harnessing the compression heat. Even the most efficient compressor transforms up to 94% of the electric energy into heat. A large part of this heat is released into the atmosphere via the compressor’s cooling system. With the Energy Box, you can recover up to 80% of this valuable thermal energy. 

Most of compressed air installations are compatible with this energy recovery system and existing installations can easily be transformed. After installation, it is up to you to decide how to use the recovered heat: warm your offices, generate hot water, pre-heat boiler water etc.


Spectral vibration analysis

Various parameters can be measured on an operating compressor such as pressure, temperature and flow. Of all parameters that can be measured, vibration measurements generate the most valuable information. This signature that is very specific for each compressor contains not only information on the severity but also what the source of the vibration is. A vibration is the answer to an excitation on a given part of a machine. 

These excitations can come from static or dynamic imbalances:

  • An error in the machine alignment;

  • Increased clearances in the machine;

  • Roller bearing errors such as inside ring, outside ring, cage or rolling elements;

  • Errors in the gears;

  • Feather belt errors;

  • Electrical errors;

  • Slide bearing errors;

  • System resonances;

  • ...

In order to reduce your service and operational cost, we advise to measure vibrations regularly. By creating a baseline at the beginning of operation, line changes in the vibration pattern will be detected very quickly. The faster you detect these changes the less damage will occur to the different components.

InMAC technicians have built up years of experience in spectral vibration analysis and will be able to present you with necessary solutions. This analysis can be applied to all brands and types of compressors, pumps, fans, electric motors and others.


System analysis

During a system analsysis, the InMAC team investigates your complete system from every possible angle looking at the supply and demand side.

At the supply side, we investigate the production of compressed air:

  • Are the compressors in use according to your consumption patterns;

  • Do we measure pressure drops;

  • Is the dewpoint correctly set for the application behind;

  • Is there enough storage capacity;

  • Is the maintenance cost within acceptable limits;

  • Are the compressors in a good and efficient condition;

  • ...


During a demand side audit, we investigate the consumption side of compressed air (the installations using the compressed air)

  • What is the real pressure that your equipment needs;

  • Is the pressure provided correct for all applications installed;

  • Is there artificial demand;

  • Is the piping  adequatly dimensioned for the capacity;

  • Is there sufficient storage capacity installed in the production area;

  • Which pressure drops do we register from supply to production;

  • ...


Other parameters are subject to be investigated where necessary. This is evaluated on a case to case base.

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