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Maintenance & Repair

A lot of companies provide customer service, InMAC invest in long term relationships.


InMAC has trained staff at your disposal which are aware of the latest evolutions on the market. This allows them to maintain the latest technologies available to make sure that your installation is up to date.

On average a well-executed and monitored maintenance can give you energy costs savings of 0% to 40%.

Our technicians here at InMAC offer various forms of maintenance:

  • Adaptive: InMAC's expertise allows us to adapt quickly as external developments require so e.g. at an unexpected standstill of the company.

  • Additive: With our extensive knowledge of and expertise in the compressor market, we can offer the best technological solution for your new consumption patterns or custom functional requirements

  • Reactive: Maintenance that imposes itself after an unexpected failure. We will try to avoid this  way of service at all times by offering preventive or predictive maintenance.

  • Preventive: We can schedule maintenance at predetermined intervals according to the need of your installations, to allow maintenance to be carried out during a planned downtime you schedule. The type of maintenance will reduce the failure risk, performance degradation of the equipment and incidents of operating faults. 

  • Perfective: Our staff can by means of audits improve the quality and energetic costs of your complete compressed air system, not only of the compressors. You can find more information on our audits here.

  • Predictive: InMAC is one of the few suppliers that can offer you this service. Through Condition Monitoring on critical components and parts, we can take the necessary measures and determine a date of servicing before an installation fails. This allows you to focus on your business without your agenda being disturbed by unexpected failures of the compressed air system. 

For all types of maintenance, we avoid quick wins which are only valid for a short time period. Nobody wins with re-occuring events. Our technicians will always propose the best long-term solution for your installation.

Keeping track of all your installations can be very time-consuming, that is why a lot of InMACs clients opt for a maintenance contract. Our technicians will contact you around 3 months before a maintenance should be scheduled according to their data to set a date and you have nothing to worry about.


Contact us for more information on our maintenance services and a personalised approach for your company!

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