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InMAC designs compressed air installation for the pharmaceutical sector

Requirements from our pharmaceutical based customer:

  • Guaranteed pressure dewpoint of -40°C or better, pressure and dewpoint redundancy and overall CO² reduction;

We delivered an 100% Oil-free compressed air installation with the correct solution for drying and filtration in the pharmaceutical industry. Completely engineered by the InMAC team.

We have installed this installation as follows:

  • Oil-free air by Atlas Copco ZT VSD compressors;

  • Wet and dry air vessel to achieve a very stable compressed air pressure, optimised functioning of the drying equipment;

  • 2 identical hybrid compressed air treatment units, which are controlled by an external Simatic controller;

  • Dewpoint monitoring unit which alarms when the dewpoint is too high;

  • Dewpoint logging towards external system for quality purposes.

Each hybrid compressed air treatment unit contains:

  • Pre-filter;

  • Intermediate active carbon filter;

  • Dust filter;

  • Final supermicro filter;

  • Correctly chosen refrigeration dryer;

  • Adapted adsorption dryer with partial molecular sieve bed.

Benefits of this kind of configuration:

  • 100% guaranteed oil-free air;

  • Correct pressure dewpoint, oil content and filtration according to ISO8573-1:2010 pharmaceutical industry;

  • Lower energy consumption, less CO² emission levels;

  • Continuous monitoring of the compressed air quality. If this is no longer sufficient, automatic shut-down of the working unit and start-up of the 2nd unit without pressure drop or dewpoint drop;

  • An easy operated Simatic controller with touchscreen, incl. manual / automatically and maintenance modus. Automated control of 4 compressors, 2 hybrid dryers and 2 isolating valves.


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