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Compressed air solution integrated in a 20ft container

One of our customers in the bio-gas industry recently ran out of space inside their building due to an expansion. They contacted InMac to work out a solution for their compressed air installation. Our team has developed a plug-and-play container for this.

  • The container includes a high-efficiency, permanent magnet motor compressor. This compressor is equipped with remote monitoring so that technicians (both from the customer and from InMac) can permanently and remotely monitor how the installation is doing;

  • The compressed air installation is also equipped with an energy-efficient (through blower regeneration) absorption dryer, zero purge, including a smart dew point control;

  • To comply with environmental regulations, an oil water separator capable of treating all the condensate produced by the plant has also been integrated;

  • The container was painted with a special coating to make it robust against water and snow conditions.

The entire finishing of this project was completed in-house by a collaboration between our technicians from Jumet and Antwerp in the warehouse in Jumet:

  • To provide optimal access to the installation, we opted for a container with double side doors so that it can be opened along the long side;

  • The container has a reinforced chassis;

  • All welding was done internally by our 2 certified welders. They specialise in making stainless steel hoses, but are always happy to put their years of knowledge to the service of beautiful projects like this one.

Interested in all solutions InMac can provide for your compressed air solution?

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