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Compressed air Installation Biogas Electricity Plant

When proposing a new installation, we always first check whether a different compressor or setup can meet the customer's needs. During analysis at this customer site we came to the following conclusions. Moisture in the circuit, moments of large sudden pressure drops (2 bar/ 29 PSI) and unstable operating compressors.

The moisture was normal. Customer has refrigerated dryers standing while parts of the piping come into contact with the outside air. During the summer this did not cause any moisture problems, but during the winter the compressed air began to condense in the piping. Refrigerated dryers produce a pressure dew point of 3°C, during the winter the temperature of the outside air can drop to -5°C or lower. To counteract this we have proposed a hot regenerated adsorption dryer, pressure dew point can be adjusted according to requirements. Today it is set at -40°C PdP. With the proposal we also made a calculation concerning purchase, energy consumption and maintenance. Based on these calculations we proposed a blower regenerated dryer type PBxxxHE Series Pneumatech.

The sudden large pressure drops of up to 2 bar were caused by a large bag filter. This filter consumed a lot of air during a cleaning cycle. We measured this, calculated it and proposed an adjusted air receiver at the bag filter. Pressure drop today is a few tenths (0,2 Bar / 2,9 PSI) on the vessel itself. The cleaning process now also runs better because the desired pressure for the process is maintained. Because of this buffer, the compressor installation will also be more stable.

Unstable functioning compressors. There were several fixed speed machines installed over the terrain. These did not operate optimally together due to large distances and pressure drops over the pipes. For this we proposed one central variable speed compressor with a very high efficiency type Worthington-Creyssensac RLR31V. The other compressors are now backed up in case of maintenance.

Again we had a nice surprise for the client. Customer asked next to the compressor when the installation was going to be put into service. This while the installation was already in service. Our compressors have a very low noise production which pleasantly surprises customers every time.

Some other advantages which the customer did not have till today:

  • Both dryer and compressor restart fully automatically after a power outage without customer intervention.

  • Compressor is equipped with Icon's. Both customer and we can remotely access all parameters, hourly settings and maintenance via smartphone, tablet or PC.


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