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New Worthington-Creyssensac RLR220V for our rental fleet

Today we received a new Worthington-Creyssensac RLR220V for our rental fleet. Starting from today we can better serve our customers with their needs. Another reason why we invested in this unit is because one of the customers from InMAC France rents this unit 1 month a year. Also for our rental fleet we use the best technology available. Stop with continuoesly filling the reservoir of a diesel driven compressor and rent electrical driven units, less change to pollute the environment.

Some details summarized:

  • 160 kW variabel speed compressor.

  • Maximum flow: 1699 m³/u.

  • Minimum flow: 454m³/u.

  • Maximal pressure 10 Bar.

  • Minimum pressure 4 Bar.

  • Only 78dB(A) sound pressure.

  • Alimentation: 400V / 3PH / 50Hz

In case you desire more information regarding this unit, don't hesitate to contact us.


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