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Air Starters

Committed to driving innovation in compressed air technology, we bring you a comprehensive array of air starters designed for robust and reliable engine ignition in diverse industrial applications. From swift and dependable engine cranking to ensuring seamless starts in challenging environments, our air starters are engineered to meet the demands of the most demanding industries. We have different types of air starters available: vane starters, turbine air starters, and pneumatic barring motors.


Vane starters

With their simple, rugged design, easy maintenance, and durability, our offering of vane starters include the most commonly used air starters. Our vane motors develop maximum horsepower at speeds as low as 5000 RPM and require only a small amount of lubrication for maximum life expectancty. This ability to thrive at lower speeds 
improves each motor’s bearing life, minimizes planetary gear reduction and delivers more torque per pound than other displacement motors.

  • High torque, lower RPMs

  • Easy field serviceability

  • Modular design shares components with turbine starters


Turbine starters

Our offering of turbine air starters are made to withstand the toughest environmental and working conditions. Robust features and flexibility combine to deliver reliable, heavy-duty starting power for a wide range of industrial, oil and gas, marine, power generation, rail and mining applications.

The fully-supported, high-speed rotors extend bearing life by minimizing deflection and ensuring concentric operation. The design is lightweight, lube-free and field-serviceable.

  • Lube-free turbine motor

  • Easy field serviceability

  • Robust gearing handles long crank cycles

  • Fully-supported rotor for longer bearing life

  • Sealed, oil-lubricated planetary sets

  • Certain designs include solid aluminum rotor design taming harsh, contaminated environments

  • Modular motor design shares components with vane starters to reduce parts inventory

  • Class-leading power, durability and efficiency


Barring motors

Our offering of barring motors is very verstatile, providing a solution for each industry problem:

  • Multiple sizes

  • Turning clockwise and counterclockwise at full power

  • Can be used as a portable service tool or be permanently mounted to the engine

  • Uses standard motor and pinion components

  • Adjustable mounting flange allows multiple orientations

  • Reversible vane air motor for precise control

  • Rugged design provides maximum durability and dependability

  • Pendant control enables safer one-person operation


Our offering of barring motors includes

  • Barring motors for diesel engines with displacements up to 100 liters and gas engines up to 200 liters

  • Barring motors for diesel engines with displacements up to 500 liters and gas engines up to 1000 liters. The integral disc brake is always engaged when the motor is not in operation to ensure safer, easier engine adjustments

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