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Industrial Hoses by Alfagomma

Our partnership with Alfagomma allows us to deliver a complete compressed air solution for our clients. Alfagomma is a world-leading company in hydraulic and industrial hoses production with plants and sales organisation all over the world. With their focus on continuous new product research and development, they manage to provide technical innovation and customised solutions to all their clients.


With their large product catalogues in hydraulic and industrial hoses specific for each industry, with its own needs and legislation restrictions, they allow us to serve nearly every industry in need of compressed air solutions. Aside from the hoses, they also produce fittings, adaptors, couplings, valves... in-house. This all-round solution provision is very rare in the industry and provides a very qualitative and reliable solution.

Alfagomma’s assembly centers are committed to constant high quality and reliability. The evaluation of the best solution for the customer application relies on international standards and regulations requirements (e.g. EN 1761, EN 12115, 2004/1935 EC, 2006/2023 EC, 2014/68 EU-PED). The Quality System guarantees full traceability of all assemblies using laser engraving.

Before shipment, the following tests can be run and certificated:

  • Pressure tests with air, water or gas;

  • Electrical conductivity;

  • Dye penetrant inspection;

  • Camera inspection;

  • Personalized tests on request.

Conformity certificates are issued according to EN10204 2.1, 2.2 AND 3.1

You can find our 'Alfagomma official dealer' letter here.

Below you can find a small selection of their product range, please contact us if you need more information on a customised solution.

Alfagomam Compressed Air Hose Standard Duty.webp

We can offer a wide variety of hoses for compressed air solutions:

  • Hoses designed for pneumatic tools & spray paint;

  • Hoses for general industrial applications;

  • Hoses designed for heavy duty applications;

  • Hoses designed for high pressure compressed air in heavy duty applications;

  • Hoses for low pressure hydraulic lines.

The hoses available can sustain constant operations temperatures ranging from -40°C to +150°C, with peaks of +230°C. Contact us with your specific needs and we can advise on the necessary specifications and hoses.

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The ducting and ventilation hoses offer hoses for:

  • (Hot) Air, gas and fumes extraction;

  • Air conditioning-ventilation;

  • Gas vent, air seeder and marine bilge pump applications;

  • Fumes extraction-ventilation where high temperature resistance is required;

  • Hoses suitable for abrasive material suction with good oil mist resistance.

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Alfagoma Ducting & Ventilation.jpeg
Alfagomma Bulk Material.webp

Hoses specially designed for maximum flexibility for bulk material suction and delivery in heavy duty applications:

  • (Dry) Cement

  • Gravel 

  • Iron ore

  • Grain

  • Animal feed transfer

  • Sewer residual

  • Waste

Depending on the application, different types of reinforcement are built in the hose to ensure high reliability in tough circumstances.

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Reinforced with high tensile textile/steel cords, these abrasion and ozone resistant hoses can be used for (high pressure) concrete pumping and pneumatic concrete vibrators.

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Alfagomma Concrete.jpeg
Alfagomma Acid Chemical & Multipurpose.webp

The acid chemical & multipurpose hoses can be used in general industrial applications for:

  • (premium quality) compressed air

  • water

  • fuel

  • mild chemicals

  • oil delivery

More specific solution include:

  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid/AUS32 urea solution dispensing and transfer (tested according to ISO 22241-2 to guarantee high purity of the dispended solution)

  • acid and chemical suction and delivery, suitable to be used in potentially explosive environments and for up to 98% of existing chemicals. These hoses can be specially constructed for maximum flexibility

  • acid and chemical delivery in storage tanks cleaning applications

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This series of hoses includes:

  • sanitary hoses designed for excellent kink resistance at tight bend radius and maximum flexibility with top permeability resistance

  • marine wet exhaust, also suitable for bilge pump connection. Special lightweight construction for maximum flexibility with a max 40% aromatic content resistance

  • fuel and oil suction and delivery, suitable for marine wet exhaust and bilge pump connection

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Alfagomma Marine.jpg
Alfagomma Mining.png

The hoses in the mining series include hoses for the following applications: 

  • compressed air designed for heavy duty mining applications

  • compressed air in underground mining applications

  • high pressure compressed air and water in heavy duty (“long wall”) mining

  • air, water and stone dust delivery in underground mines.

  • water and stone dust suction and delivery

  • methane drainage/extraction in underground coal mines

  • air and water delivery-light suction (special heavy wall braided construction for vacuum, crush and kink resistance)

  • “Stone dusting” in underground mines

  • bulk material and abrasive slurries suction and delivery, designed for (ALFATRACTO 719 ) muff coupling use

  • mineral recovery in sampling operations

  • drill cutting suction in mobile drilling rigs

  • bulk material suction and delivery in heavy duty applications (specially designed for sewer and waste suction vehicles, industrial vacuum, drill cuttings suction in mobile drilling rigs)

  • explosive handling in mobile delivery units

  • cable protection in underground mines


The products are designed with long service life and maximum safety requirements in mind.

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Specific Solutions

Can't find the application you need? In search of a very specific solution?

Don't hesitate to reach out and our colleagues, together with the Alfagomma team, will look for a solution which suits your needs. Contact us on:

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