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Xe-Series Centrifugal Compressor Control

Centac, centrifugal, compressor, control, Xe-Series, Xe-145F   The Xe-Series controller’s intuitive, high-resolution color display makes important compressor information quick and easy to find.

The controller can post information on local web pages and can even send an email notification when it detects a problem. Xe-Series controls features useful timers and alerts that indicate when maintenance is necessary to help optimize care of your investment.

Xe-Series controls utilize the latest control algorithms and built-in logic to provide the lowest energy consumption in every situation while precisely managing discharge pressure and maximizing throttle range.


  • Intuitive and easy to use Interface
  • Remote access and full control through ethernet, service port, remote contacts or Modbus
  • Automatic email notifications of system warnings and trips
  • Integrated reporting capabilities with built-in performance and reporting capabilities
  • Control logic that minimizes stress on the mechanical parts, keeps pressure bands precise and provides timers and warnings when maintenance is due
  • Constant pressure control dynamically maintains precise discharge pressure throughout the full range of operating capacity (100% to 0%)
  • Programmable auto-dual control uses inlet modulation to maintain constant system pressure over the compressor’s full turndown range to optimize operating efficiency when process demand varies over time
  • Energy Smart Set (ESS) point adjusts the compressor’s pressure set point to balance and share load between multiple compressors in the same system
  • Multiple retrofit options to upgrade your existing centrifugal compressor to the Xe-Series controller’s capabilities

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